Immerse yourself in other people's thoughts and feelings

    Fuel is an online writing and social interaction network that invites you to write short dialogues and reply to those of other members in real time. As a registered user, you enter into a fictional world which you primarily experience and shape through the eyes of different characters.

    Nourish your imagination

    Once you are logged in, you are presented with short screenplay scenes that end when they are about to get interesting. These hooks nourish your imagination and encourage you to continue the scenes with other friends and users.

    Connect with something bigger than yourself

    Not only do you have the opportunity to take on a particular role and continue writing a scene, but you can also read what other members wrote as the same character in the same situation. That way, you learn to observe and understand people in all their facets.

    Get to know the literary genre of screenplays

    Screenplays are an essential part of Fuel. Although historically they were written for the production of a movie and, to this day, are closely associated with it, they also have an overarching social potential as an independent literary genre. Learn more

    Your data is protected

    On Fuel, the names, email addresses, and passwords are stored encrypted in the database, and the transmission of all information between your browser and the web server is protected by the SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer).

    Stay informed about new developments

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