Digital fuel for promoting dialogue and reading skills
    For English and foreign languages

    No matter what level your lessons are – with Fuel you can

    practice basic writing skills in an exciting and creative manner;
    build up competences in ESD, e.g. change perspectives, anticipate, reflect on values;
    promote an active examination of literature;
    train dialogue skills.

    As a teacher, you can also

    upload your screenplay scenes and give students specific access to them;
    selectively delete published dialogues;
    enable anonymous interaction;
    create and manage student profiles.

    The students

    take on the role of various characters;
    continue the screenplay scenes by engaging in a dialogue with other classmates;
    explore different narrative perspectives;
    learn to develop their points of view;
    can share their dialogues with the class and positively rate dialogue written by others;
    are able to send direct text messages to their peers;
    can interact anywhere, in real-time or in a time-delayed fashion.


    Fuel helps students gain an understanding of culture, identity, and differing points of view, and students are challenged to reflect on their values. In principle, the interactions on Fuel can be used to develop proper social skills that counteract the emergence of behavioral problems.

    Children and adolescents 4.0

    As digitalisation progresses, it is crucial for children and adolescents to not only adopt a digital way of thinking but also to develop those qualities that distinguish them from machines: creativity, empathy, critical thinking. With Fuel, these qualities can be trained while also taking into account digital maturity.


    Fuel was first piloted in the year 2018 in cooperation with the counselling service for digital media at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. Here is some feedback from primary and secondary level school teachers:

    I love Fuel, and the students love these lessons, too!
    Dominique Leuenberger, Meilen Primary School (Zurich)

    Rebecca and Teresa would like to continue writing together during the holidays. Is this possible?
    Eva Seck, Theobald Baerwart Secondary School (Basel-Stadt)

    When working with Fuel, students expand their empathy by putting themselves in the shoes of other characters. In this regard, Fuel addresses a key concern of traditional literary education and adapts it to the possibilities of the digital age.
    Martin Zwimpfer, Cantonal School of Olten (Solothurn)

    I'm excited about Fuel and looking forward to using it further!
    Marianne Roth, Oberwil Secondary School (Basel-Landschaft)

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